Michelle & Joe - Hilton Puckrup Hall Hotel, Tewkesbury, Glos

Jane and Oli are wedding photographers in Gloucestershire!

When we were woken by thunder rolling across the 5am skies our first thoughts were for Michelle and Joe whose wedding we were marrying at Hilton Puckrup Hall Hotel near Tewkesbury at 1pm!

The Rain Storm soaked us as we loaded the cameras into the car and things were looking bleak!

It is always sensible to prepare for the worst to avoid disappointment but you always hope for the best.

By the time we arrived at Hilton Puckrup Hall Hotel near Tewkesbury most people were sadly resigned to the idea that the weather has scuppered all chances of any photographs being taken in the lovely red brick walled garden which Puckrup Hall offers.

However we all secretly nurtured a twinkle of hope that maybe, just maybe the weather would improve.

Shortly after midday as if in answer to all of our prayers the rain began to lessen and there on the horizon….’Is that Blue Sky?’

Miraculously in the space of twenty minutes the need for Umbrellas was replaced by the need for Suncream and the lawns began to steam as the sunshine evaporated the mornings rain from the grass!

Suffice to say that what had looked like being a washout for Michelle and Joe’s wedding day ended bathed in glorious sunshine and a fantastic day was had by all!

We would like to thank all of Michelle and Joe's lovely friends and family for making us feel welcome!

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